Riserva 1895

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Fine Italian Cuisine and Wines

Riserva 1895 has at its very core an authentic Italian culinary tradition. Knowledgable selections of ingredients, always from selected local producers, transformed into a powerful culinary experience; changing with the seasons and always within its traditions. Innovation and creativity complement into a meal that describe Quality and Passion.

Riserva 18951 Fine Italian Cusine
Riserva 1895 and Magnolia Shadows

Riserva 1895 and Magnolia Shadows

Riserva 1895 is presented through a refined environment and an elegant, friendly atmosphere. An escape: surrounded by the elegant charm of Magnolia Shadows Equestrian Resort, nestled into luxurious gardens of Magnolias, Pecans and Oaks. On the Top of the Ridge, overlooking the settling Carolina’s sun.

Our location

We do in fact enjoy a privileged location within the exclusive boundaries of one of the most beautiful Equestrian farms in the area which also offers Bed and Breakfast Services to its guests.

Riserva 1895 Location
Riserva 1895 Experience

Riserva Experience

To Experience a first-class Wine Tasting journey choose between our indoor Restaurant and Bar area; or one of the many outdoor settings created to amplify your experience, including our Arena Terrace and outdoor tables. Indulge your Wine fancies. Allow yourself into our Regional Selections with Chianti, Barbera, Montepulciano, Primitivo, Valpolicella, Dolcetto, Moscato, Brachetto, Spumante, Prosecco, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay.

Love for the local

Located in Ridge Spring, Aiken County, Riserva 1895 is in the very heart of Thoroughbred Country. Riserva 1895 combines authentic passion for Italian Cuisine and love for the local: the freshest produces in the country grown just yards away…

Riserva 1895 Love For The Local
Riserva 1895 Atmosphere


Let our exclusive and modern ambiance, with its European refined-rustic décor, charm you and let our Selections take you on a sensational tasting journey into the world of the Italian Slow Food – masterfully paired with carefully chosen Italian wines.

Learn to cook with Riserva 1895

Join us for our Weekly Cooking Lessons (Kids courses available) and learn to cook like an Italian Chef.

Riserva 1895 Learn To Cook
Riserva 1895 Catering

Zest and Creativity Riserva 1895

Our Catering division will make sure every occasion will be memorable taking a piece of Italian charm to you.

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or by phone: (803)522-5511